Dienstag, 3. März 2009

Café Sur

Café Sur is situated in Cologne's south quarter, a favoured spot for locals who want to live "in" the city, but without the city center hustle and bustle.
The café was established by two brothers in 1997, currently run and managed by Gerardo D'Ambrosio

The café has a warm friendly atmosphere and is fondly frequented by locals, as well as being a recommended stop-off point for travelers seeking a "real world" café experience when traveling to the wonderful city of Cologne.
The café is one of the places that people come to re-charge, the service is brisk but not rushed: an hour spent in Café Sur leaves one refreshed, replete and ready to step back into mainstream mayhem.
Suitable for a "quick coffee" stop-off or somewhere to while awhile away a few calming hours. The menu ranges from warm filled baguettes to full culinary delights.
In the warmer months the café spills out along the pavement giving you the chance to sit back and take in the "Südstadt" atmosphere.

We love to hear back form you. If you've ever had the chance to pay us a visit and would like to leave us a message or comment in our guest book.

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